WATCH: Florida McDonald’s Worker Repeatedly Calls Customer The N Word [Explicit Video]

McDonald's employees call a Black customer a N*gger and then call the police to lie that “he threatened to kill the manager.”

— Atlanta Black Star (@ATLBlackStar) January 11, 2019

Workers at a Spring Hill, Florida McDonald’s have come under fire after a video of employees hurling racist epithets and using the word ‘boy’ to address a black man while one also threatens to attack him has gone viral.

Just last month, a white man was charged after a violent attack on a black female employee at another Florida McDonald’s. Read more about that incident here.

In this video, a young worker inside the restaurant at the drive-thru window can be seen and heard calling a customer a ni**er repeatedly. The man shouts, “You just called me a ni**er!” The worker replies, ‘I don’t give a fu*k, ni**er!”

And from there, for another full minute, that male worker screams and yells at the customer and threatens to attack him while the customer repeats that this worker and others will be fired.

The male employee screams, “I’m going to fu*k you up, ni**er!”

Meanwhile, another employee, a white female, is on the phone, presumably, with the police. She calls the man recording ‘boy’ when she tells him to get away from the window. Another white woman, who the man says is the manager, appears to just stand there while all the screaming and yelling is going on. The man recording shouting, “You’re going to be fired! You’re going to be fired!”

He tells the woman he identifies as the manager that she should know better than to allow what’s going on based on her position of authority. The employee on the phone can be heard telling 911 that the customer just threatened to kill the manager. That threat, if made, cannot be heard on the video recording.

A young woman named Arianna Edmonds shared the video she said her cousin sent her of the incident.

Hi @McDonalds can you take a look at this video and do something about an employee using the N word towards a customer??

— 🧚🏼‍♀️ (@notjustamonth) January 11, 2019

“Hi @McDonalds can you take a look at this video and do something about an employee using the N-word towards a customer??”

In the meantime, on a comment thread, a woman shared what is reported to be the employee’s version of events, response, and an apology.

— Tory (@victoriacasey95) January 12, 2019

In the posts, which Heavy cannot authenticate, the employee, who says he is of mixed race, claims the customer has called him a “faggot,” when complaining about an order. The employee alleged the man was drunk and had returned to the restaurant and approached the window on foot and used a homophobic slur and threatened him.

— Tory (@victoriacasey95) January 12, 2019

The employee claims he and his fellow workers were concerned for their safety. He apologized for his use of the word saying he is not racist and is in fact of mixed race himself.

As of Saturday, he was fired.

@McDonalds Looks like whatever minimal training you’re giving management across the country isn’t cutting it. Franchise or not, there’s a level of propriety that should be met that your chains are always lacking in. Fireable offenses here.

— Tooschoolforcool (@JakeSezStuff) January 11, 2019

McDonald’s corporate communications staffer Keisha Boyd contacted Heavy Saturday to provide a statement, not from the corporate office, rather she delivered a statement from the store owner, who said:

“I am aware of the incident involving one of my employees earlier this week. The disturbance with the customer prompted our management team to call the police right away, and we did an immediate investigation on this matter. This behavior goes against the values and standards that I expect from employees in my restaurants. This employee displayed improper and unacceptable conduct and is no longer with the company,” said McDonald’s franchisee Javier Illas.

Heavy has asked Boyd to address numerous other issues related to the video including an employee heard telling law enforcement that the customer had threatened to kill the manager, and will update the story when she responds.

This is attempted murder. They knew the police would shoot first ask questions later.

— MaKiny (@KiarKini) January 11, 2019

And while people had called for the firing, it may not be enough. But many are fed up even as racists on video appears to be an almost weekly occurrence and some claim there’s context missing.

Here comes dewhites with…" We don't know what was said before the video started there has to be more to the story than this.".🤔🤔🙄…In 1 2 3…

— Dyron Beavers (@MrBeavers1129) January 11, 2019

“Here comes dewhites with…” We don’t know what was said before the video started there has to be more to the story than this.”.🤔🤔🙄…In 1 2 3…”

WATCH: Florida McDonald’s Worker Repeatedly Calls Customer the N-Word [Explicit Video]
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