Volkswagen SMV Concept Previews 5.1 Meter SUV Minivan Mix In China

What's cool about the SMV? For starters, when it enters production, it will become the biggest Volkswagen ever made on the MQB platform. From bumper to bumper, this measures over 5.1 meters, about 60mm longer than the Atlas.

The engines are surprising too. This model, which will be built in partnership with FAW, will be motivated by a 2-liter turbo and a 300 HP VR6, but also a 2.5 TSI. All versions are supposed to have a 7-speed DSG and 4Motion all-wheel drive.

This is a 7-seater, and we think it's supposed to combine crossover esthetics with the pure luxury of a minivan or shuttle. Some of you might remember that the Mercedes R-Class lived on for much longer in China.

The design is also quite interesting. For example, the black around the grille also surrounds the headlights, somewhat reminding us of the Mercedes EQC. Meanwhile, the shoulder line drops after the A-pillar, something you only see on the VW electric car concepts.

Meanwhile, the rear features wrap-around taillights, kind of like the Atlas pickup concept. But we don't have a screenshot because... thank you Volkswagen. As you can see the interior is blocked from view, so the familiar 12.3-inch digital dash and 10-inch infotainment might be joined by new elements that aren't yet available in the VW parts bin.

Volkswagen SMV Concept Previews 5.1-Meter SUV-Minivan Mix in China
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