UPDATE: $19M Bugatti La Voiture Noire Geneva Car Is A Mockup, Production In 2022

In fact, if you zoom in on the some of the live images in the gallery above, you'll notice that the sextuple exhaust tips don't lead anywhere and that the fancy design elements on the tires appear to be mere stickers.

And, according to The Verge, it will take another 30 months for the La Voiture Noire to be completed, so we'll only get to listen to its 1,500 horsepower roar in 2022.

Then again, it's not difficult to understand why the yet unnamed owner has made the acquisition. This Molsheim monster is a one-off, whose value can only increase in time. Besides, such an addition to one's car collection only showcases the financial power of the owner.

Speaking of which, the one-off is rumored to be destined for Dr. Ferdinand Piëch, grandson of Ferdinand Porsche and former chairman of the Volkswagen Group.

The inspiration for the new styling cues came from the iconic Type 57 Atlantic, which was Ettore Bugatti's son Jean. Long story short, only four units were ever built and the one belonging to Jean Bugatti was lost is a scheme that saw the Nazis seizing the carmaker's assets during the War - forum chat mentions that fashion icon Ralph Lauren has declined an offer of $100 million for his Atlantic, so we can only imagine the value of the lost car.Update:

Here's a piece of footage that shows the La Voiture Noire leaving the Geneva Motor Show with the help of an electric motor.

UPDATE: $19M Bugatti La Voiture Noire Geneva Car Is a Mockup, Production in 2022
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