Turkey And The New Scramble For Africa: Ottoman Designs Or Unfounded Fears?

“The Horn of Africa will be the first casualty,” opined one dejected Somali, shaking his head. He might have been talking about terrorism, or climate change, or the famines that have more than once devastated his region. Instead he was referring to a toxic new contagion imported from the Middle East—the Gulf crisis that, since 2017, has pitted Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt and Bahrain against Qatar and its ally Turkey. That feud is now infecting the Horn, a neighborhood already fighting to cure its own long-standing ills.


> Zach Vertin>

>Zach Vertin

Visiting Fellow - Brookings Doha Center

Nonresident Fellow - Foreign Policy


Turkey and the new scramble for Africa: Ottoman designs or unfounded fears?
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Turkey and the New Scramble for Africa: Ottoman Designs or Unfounded Fears?