Thief Breaks Into Musicians Car, Steals Guitar

“At a young age, my parents divorced and I was about to commit suicide,” Lamebull said. “It really got that bad.”

He said his life began to get better as he began to excel on the guitar.

However, it all came crashing down on Saturday.

Lamebull said someone smashed out his car’s windows at the Motel 6, in northeast Albuquerque, after a Slayer show.

“I was devastated,” Lamebull said. “I was like, ‘this can't be true this cannot happen,’”

In addition to stealing Lamebull’s Jackson guitar, the thief stole an amplifier, speaker cabinets and a backpack filled with cords and pedals.

To make matters worse, the crime took place days before Lamebull was set to perform.

“We were going to open up for the thrash metal band Death Angel at Launchpad on May 16 and we've been practicing really hard,” he said.

Lamebull filed a police report, and he’s asking people to keep an eye out for his guitar.

His girlfriend started a GoFundMe to replace his equipment, click here to donate.

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