The New South End: Is Colorado Springs Actually Becoming 'cool?' | Vince Bzdek

I love the juxtapositions: It’s got a tiny purple castle (King’s Chef Diner) and a diaper biz called Baby Cotton Bottoms. There’s a Salvation Army shelter not far from a new 184-unit upscale apartment building going up at Cascade and Rio Grande. There’s still an engine supply machine shop across the street from uber-trendy Loyal Coffee; a defunct lumber yard across the street from the emerging Olympic Museum. There’s both the Perfect Peace Baptist Church and FN Jeep, which looks like a La Brea Tar Pit of Jeep fossils and engine parts. Weirdly, there are seven law firms but only two art galleries.

The New South End: Is Colorado Springs actually becoming 'cool?' | Vince Bzdek
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