Purdue Police Warn Of Internet Scam For Students Seeking Part Time Jobs

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Purdue University police are investigating reports of an internet scam attempting to defraud students who are seeking part-time jobs.

Purdue police Lt. Matt Rosenbarger said the scam starts when students are seeking part time employment. Upon providing such normal things as a resume and cover letter, the job offer is given through an email from a Purdue student. 

“The email address of the student is legitimate,” Rosenbarger said, “however, their email has been compromised, likely by clicking on a link. So, if the job-seeker does a Purdue directory search, that student’s name is listed, and it looks like this is real.”

A common denominator so far is that the email contains the name “Professor Haroon,” and states he is looking for workers to do such tasks as make flight arrangements, arrange conferences, book rooms, or other duties. The scammer also states they will send the job-seeker a check to deposit into the student’s own account, and then the student is asked to buy flight tickets or other things and to keep an amount for themselves. The remaining amount is to be sent to a third party, or they are asked to buy iTunes or other types of gift cards and send the numbers via the email, Rosenbarger said.

Anyone who has been led to the site or defrauded should contact the Purdue University Police Department at 765-494-8221.


Writer: Jim Bush, 765-494-2077, [email protected] 

Source: Matt Rosenbarger, 765-494-8221, [email protected]

Purdue police warn of internet scam for students seeking part-time jobs
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