President Obama’s Stuck Limo Is Hopefully Not An Omen For The United States

I think we all know that the president, being very vulnerable while in transit, has a limousine designed especially for him. This vehicle is bulletproof, but it has one vulnerability: bumps.

Yes, like the super robot ED-209 in Robocop was vulnerable to stairs, the president’s limo, also known as “The Beast”, is vulnerable of getting stuck on a parking ramp. This happened in Dublin, right in front of the embassy. I am assuming the YouTube video that you can watch after the jump is footage from cellular phone cameras.

How embarrassing. Especially for the one Secret Service agent that had to get out and check to see what was up. I found it pretty amazing that some mini-bus type of vehicle took its place in blocking the way. I take it they probably made certain that president was safe.

I don’t know about you, but as an American, I find this completely funny. I always thought that the president’s security was one job that I never wanted, as there are way too many x-factors that get involved in walking around with the Commander in Chief. I wonder who got fired for not seeing this one coming.

I just can’t help but wonder if the Secret Service have a code for this. How about: “the eagle is legless”?


President Obama’s stuck limo is hopefully not an omen for the United States
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