Police Warn Residents To Use Safe Zones When Meeting Online Strangers For Transactions

Completing a face to face purchase initiated on the internet can be dangerous.

Police in the eastern Massachusetts town of Methuen report one man was shot at a fast food restaurant parking lot during the sale of car doors this week.

Some police departments have safe places for these transactions.

When the Wilbraham Police Department completed its new complex two years ago in April, they set aside two parking spaces as an internet purchase exchange location.

Wilbraham Police Captain Timothy Kane told 22News, it’s important to be cautious when meeting online strangers.

“We all buy stuff on Craigslist you see it a lot today in this day and age,” said Captain Kane. “The stores are going out of business because of it. You realize it’s an import thing, it happens a lot. It’s certainly safe to be good.”

Wilbraham and Hampden police departments have parking spaces set aside for sales initiated on the internet.

Other police departments use their lobbies as a safe space.

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