Police Believe Limo Was Sent To Metro Detroit Woman In Attempt To Scam More Money Out Of Her

BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WXYZ) — Bloomfield Township Police stepped in to stop a scam that was being run against an 86-year-old woman who lived alone and had sent out cashier’s checks worth thousands of dollars.

“The elderly resident received a phone call, what she thought was Publishers Clearing House, stating she had won $6 million,” says Sgt. Dan Brown.

It stopped when her family brought her to police.

Police say the woman sent 3 checks of $500 to another elderly person in Wisconsin. But that person was suspicious and sent them back.

She also sent a check for $4,500 to Georgia where, apparently, the scammers are based. It was cashed.

“The caller coaxed her into sending the money as a processing fee for her Grand Price winnings,” Sgt. Brown said.

The woman also sent another check in the amount of $7,500 to Georgia, but police were on the case and got the check stopped at the post office in Georgia.

And get this, a limo was sent to the woman’s house on Antique Lane in Bloomfield Township on December 11. Police want to know who hired that limo company.

“We think the limo was sent by the caller or related people in hopes of taking our victim to the bank to possibly receive more cashier’s checks,” Sgt. Brown said.

Police say these scams are constantly running and this should serve as a warning to everyone.

“Unfortunately, a lot of our victims are elderly and they believe there’s good in the world. They get a phone call and they believe it to be true,” Sgt. Brown said.

They are working with police in Georgia to solve the case. No arrests have been made.

Police believe limo was sent to metro Detroit woman in attempt to scam more money out of her
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