Police Believe Homeless Person Took Residence In Heather Glen, Stores Stolen Packages

HELMETTA – Police are alleging a squatter may have been stealing and storing packages at a location in Helmetta.

On Jan. 1, Spotswood police officers, who respond to incidents in Helmetta, responded to Building 5 (Heather Glen) on Chester Court to investigate a report that a person was living in the crawl space of the building.

Further investigation revealed personal items and possible stolen packages were in the crawl space, according to officials. The individual apparently gains access to the building through an unlocked door at the rear of the structure, police said.

The individual who is believed to be living in the crawl space has not been located as of this time. The only description of the person is that she is a black female. Anyone with information may call the Spotswood Police Department at 732-251-2121.

Police believe homeless person took residence in Heather Glen, stores stolen packages
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