Pluto The Police Dog Signs Off In Merrimack

MERRIMACK — Local police had to say goodbye to one of their newest canine members who recently died after complications with cancer.

On Sunday, the Merrimack Police Department announced Pluto’s official end of watch.

Pluto the police dog dies in Merrimack

Pluto, a member of the Merrimack Police Department, died this past weekend from cancer.

Pluto, a German shepherd, had been with the department since October and was only 1½ years old.

“Thank you for your service. We have the watch from here,” the department said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

Pluto lived with Master Patrolman Stephen Wallin, who was the dog’s handler.

Pluto previously obtained his certification through the Boston Police Department. According to Wallin, Pluto was one of the best working dogs he has seen.

“K9 Pluto showed a willingness to work hard, and his devotion to his handler, as well as the other members of the Merrimack Police Department, was evident in K9 Pluto’s performance,” the news release said.

Police officials thanked the several veterinarians who assisted Pluto with his cancer diagnosis, including doctors with the Fremont Animal Hospital and the Rockingham Emergency Veterinary Hospital.

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Pluto the police dog signs off in Merrimack
Merrimack Police Dog Pluto Dies Of Cancer
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