People Were Driving Way Too Fast So This Dancing Six Year Old Mini 'Cop' Stepped In

Little kids are often asked what they want to be when they grow up — but this boy from Michigan decided to get an early start.

The Grand Rapids Police Department of Grand Rapids, Mich., had a little help slowing down traffic this week when a 6-year-old kindergartener named Solomon threw on his police officer cap and shirt. His father filmed him being an adorable mini cop, dancing on the side of the suburban road.

His father sent the video into the police department, who posted it on their Facebook and Twitter accounts on Monday. On Twitter, the department used the hashtag #SafetyIsACommunityEffort and wrote, “There’s a new addition to the neighborhood traffic squad!”

Drivers beware - there's a new addition to the neighborhood traffic squad! If you drive near Tamarack/11th, be sure to keep it below 25....and wave at Volunteer Officer Solomon #GRcommunityForce #OfficerSolomon #SafetyIsACommunityEffort

— Grand Rapids Police (@GrandRapidsPD) May 20, 2019

The video is around 2 minutes long and shows Solomon’s already iconic dance moves, including the robot, but Solomon is sure to use his arm and hand signals whenever a car drives by. And of course, he always waves.

Solomon’s mom, Nicole Daniels, told TIME that it’s not the first time her son has taken his talents to the neighborhood to stop traffic. In fact, a local police officer gave the cadet his very own badge after Daniels’ husband sent in the video.

But Solomon’s hard work out there isn’t just for fun, Daniels says. The family does want to encourage people to slow down in the neighborhood. “The cars go very fast — sometimes the drivers don’t stop at stop signs. It’s really dangerous,” Daniels says.

Sadly, it’s actually because of an accident that the Daniels family lost their puppy four years ago. When they lived on an even busier street, the dog ran out into the street and was run over by a car. “[Solomon] was really sad about it,” Daniels says.

The family recently got a new dog — and it looks like Volunteer Officer Solomon is doing some seriously important work in the neighborhood. “Cars were actually slowing down,” Daniels says. “Some of them were rolling their windows down and saying, ‘good job, Solomon.'”

People Were Driving Way Too Fast So This Dancing Six-Year-Old Mini 'Cop' Stepped In
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