Mom Accused Of Leaving Kids In Hot Car At Target

A West Allis mother is charged with child neglect after her two young children were found alone in a hot car outside a Target store.

Police said they responded to the parking lot of the Target store Saturday in West Allis after a woman saw the children in the car with the windows rolled up.


A witness told investigators she observed one of them playing with a shaving razor in the back seat and called police.

The children, ages 2 and 4, were not seriously hurt.

A criminal complaint said it was 78 degrees outside and the car was parked in the sunlight.

Allison Andrade, 27, was charged with child neglect, obstructing police and bail jumping.

A criminal complaint said Andrade gave police a false name and said she didn't have identification when officers questioned her.

An officer said he waited 20 minutes with the children before Andrade returned to her car.

Police believe the children were alone for about 35 while she was in the store.

The complaint states that as Andrade walked to her car, she saw police with her children and she attempted to walk away again.

Police said Andrade told them she went to buy pool toys and find her boyfriend.

She did not have either when she was spotted walking to her car.

According to the criminal complaint, when asked if Andrade knew what the temperature was outside, she said, "It's hot."

She said she couldn't remember if she left the windows cracked.

Andrade's attorney didn't immediately return a call for comment.

If convicted, she faces up to 12 years in prison.

Andrade was being held on $2,000 cash bond.

She was arrested a week prior in Cudahy and charged with fleeing an officer and recklessly endangering safety.

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