Man Arrested, Accused Of Murder In New Braunfels

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Detectives are warning people to keep an eye out for fake cash after employees at a couple of businesses in Austin spotted fake bills over the weekend.

At A & A Wrecker and Recovery in North Austin, Travis County deputies arrested 37-year-old Daniel Marcos Cervantes for forgery, after employees say he tried to pay with several $20 bills."Our employee noticed that two of the bills looked a little odd, so standard procedure is just to give them a swipe, all bills, a swipe with the counterfeit detector marker, and it turned out that two of those bills in fact came up as counterfeit," said Tasha Mora, co-owner. "We contacted law enforcement immediately. Travis County Sheriff's Office came out to the scene, and when they used their detecting equipment, what they found was that the entire amount that had been presented were actually counterfeit bills."

The next day, Austin police arrested 61-year-old James David Baker when they say he tried to stick a fake $100 bill in a self-checkout machine at Walmart.

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