Man, Child Shot Outside Chuck E. Cheese After Gun Discharges In Diaper Bag

An Alabama man and a young girl were shot outside of a Chuck E. Cheese's after the man reached into a diaper bag and accidentally fired a gun, reports. 

The man was changing the girl's diaper inside a vehicle that was parked in a lot outside of the popular family arcade in Vestavia Hills, according to Vestavia Hills police Lt. Michael Keller. The man was reportedly shot in the chest while the girl was hit in the leg.

Police are still investigating the incident but know so far that a single bullet was discharged from the gun. It struck the man first before hitting the girl, Lt. Keller said. 

Witnesses told that the man appeared to be seriously injured while the child seemed okay. Both were immediately taken to nearby hospitals. Vestavia Hills Fire Department Capt. Ryan Farrell said he believed the man sustained life-threatening injuries.

Those who were at the scene at the time of the shooting said they were immediately concerned for their children's safety when they heard the gunshot. 

"You don't expect anyone would bring a gun around where kids would be," John Gerrard, a witness, told WBRC. "It just doesn't make any sense."

Police believe the shooting was accidental. No charges have yet been filed. 

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