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Last spring, Fairview's Marlena Preigh won the 800-meter run at the high-caliber indoor Simplot Games in February which signaled an impending breakout for the young runner.

Three months later, Preigh won the Class 5A 800-meter title at the Colorado state championships by edging heavy favorite Madison Mooney for the gold. This February, Preigh returned to Simplot and won again, only this time she set an 800-meter meet record of 2:06.80. Between her two latest massive victories, Preigh signed to run at the University of Washington next year.

It has been a exceptional year for the Knights' star runner, and now that she has established herself as exactly that — a star — Preigh is ramping up for one more spectacular outdoor track and field season. It wasn't obvious to her at the time but looking back now, Preigh can clearly see that first Simplot victory as the launching pad that propelled her prep running career to another level.

"It's been really fun, kind of a little crazy even," Preigh said. "I feel like I've stepped up the way that I do things. As I reach more of my goals, I'm even more motivated to train harder and be more dedicated. A lot of that has happened just over the last year. It's really grown my confidence in what I can actually do and that might be the biggest difference of all."


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