Kindhearted Customer Surprises McDonald's Employee With New Car In South Hutchinson


Hard work and a pleasant attitude paid off big for one Kansas woman.

(Source:Denise Panek/YouTube)

Vicki works at McDonald's in South Hutchinson. Her car had just died and she had no way to and from work, but Chris Ellis and his son, Josh helped change that on Wednesday.

The two surprised Vicki with her new car while she was at work.

The surprise was captured on camera and posted to YouTube.

Ellis can be heard asking Vicki on the video, "You remember talking to me the other day?"

"About a car," she responds.

"Well, here's the title and here's the keys," he goes on to say handing her keys and the title to her new vehicle.

"I always told you I would give you a car, didn't I?" Ellis says who is a regular in the McDonald's drive-thru.

"Yeah, but I thought you were kidding," says Vicki.

"I never kid," says Ellis. "That black car right there is yours."

Ellis tells Vickie the car belonged to his son Josh. Vicki proceeds to thank both men and give each a hug.

Later in the video, Vicki asks Ellis what she owes him.

"A smile and a hug," he responds.

"Thank you. God bless you," says Vicki.

"You're a blessing to me. You make me smile every time I come through here and I don't forget stuff like that," says Ellis.

His one request - that Vicki pay forward the good deed once she's able.

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