Kellogg's To Change Two Popular Cereal Recipes And AXE One Family Favourite In War On Sugar

A family favourite cereal has become a casualty of the war on sugar.

Kellogg’s are set to stop production of Ricicles by next year, in a bid to abide by Government targets aiming to slash the sugar in our food by 20% by 2020.

The recipes of other popular breakfast staples will change too, with the sugar content of Coco Pops cut by 40%.

And Rice Krispies will see a 20% reduction - but it’s Ricicles that will be dumped completely. Kellogg’s said if it reduced the sugar in Ricicles “they would just be Rice Krispies”.

It will launch a new plant-based cereal range called WK Kellogg which includes no added sugar, low sugar, organic and vegan options.

Kellogg's to change two popular cereal recipes and AXE one family favourite in war on sugar
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