Jury To Decide Thursday Fate Of Man On Trial For Double Murder At Cleveland Car Dealership

CLEVELAND -- A jury will soon decide the fate of the man on trial for the murders of a Cleveland car dealership's owners.

Joseph McAlpin, who is representing himself, did not call any witnesses in his defense, but he did argue for an acquittal before resting his case Wednesday.

McAlpin is accused of gunning down Michael Kuznik and Trina Tomola-Kuznik during a robbery of their Collinwood used car lot, Mr. Cars, in April 2017.

McAlpin argued a motion for acquittal, trying to discredit the evidence and witnesses who testified against him.

“This case has been up and down, this trial has been up and down. This trial has had a whole bunch of moments where there has been question marks everywhere,” McAlpin said.

Prosecutors called the evidence of guilt overwhelming and pointed to key testimony from co-defendant Andrew Keener, DNA placing McAlpin at the dealership and inside a stolen car, and phone records placing McAlpin at the scene.

“This is an overwhelming case. This man will be found guilty,” Assistant Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Chris Schroeder said.

Judge Brian Corrigan denied McAlpin’s motion for acquittal, saying it will be up to the jury to decide the credibility of the evidence and witness testimony.

Jury instructions are expected Thursday, with closing arguments expected to take place on Monday.

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