Jaguar Is Giving Tesla Owners A Special $3,000 Discount On Its I Pace Electric SUV

Jaguar is offering Tesla owners a $3,000 discount on its I-Pace electric SUV, a Jaguar representative confirmed to Business Insider.

The promotion is available through September 30, the representative said.

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Jaguar released the I-Pace in 2018. While the vehicle has received positive reviews from automotive critics, including the "world car of the year" award from the 2019 World Car Awards, it has sold poorly in the US compared to Tesla's vehicles, according to estimates from the electric-vehicle website InsideEVs.

Jaguar sold around 1,522 I-Pace vehicles in the US this year through July, while Tesla sold around 10,225 Model X SUVs, according to InsideEVs.

The I-Pace has also faced technical issues, as Jaguar voluntarily recalled around 3,000 I-Pace vehicles in May due to a potential problem with their braking systems.

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