Insulin Costs 'a Tragic Barrier To Care." Study Says 1 In 4 Diabetics Ration It.

The blueprint overall is just that: a starting framework. One promising idea calls for increased pricing transparency, a popular idea among insulin-access activists that has also been gaining ground in state legislatures. The blueprint also recommends bringing more generic drugs onto the market. Right now, the United States has two relatively new "follow-on" insulins, which are similar to generics, but they are only marginally cheaper. Some experts say more competition is needed to lower prices. In December, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb issued a statement on policies that will put more generics on the U.S. market, including for insulin starting in 2020, as part of a transition that was written into the Affordable Care Act. "We've heard frequent reports of patients rationing insulin, and in some cases dying because they can't afford the injections they need to survive," the statement read. "These tragic stories aren't isolated occurrences. And they're not acceptable for a drug that's nearly a century old."

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Using the patient-centred medicine clinical framework to better appreciate and explore the many barriers to care in Type 2 diabetes.