How To Bargain For A New Car

Finding all the riches of alleged fraudster Kevin B. Merrill is pricey work in itself.

The 53-year-old Towson businessman had millions in bank accounts, vacation homes and exotic sports cars. With his criminal case underway, a team of lawyers and investigators set about to sell his treasures and pay back his investors.

The divestment team has billed more than $500,000 for their first 44 days on the job. Despite criticism from the defense team, they say their work is exhaustive and it’s money well-spent.

“If you look at the list of assets, it’s mind blowing,” said Lynn Butler, an attorney for the court-appointed receiver. “We’re responsible for changing the lights, maintenance, keeping [the houses] up and running. If you don’t, the value and the ability to market them falls.”

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