Driving Blindfolded For The ‘Bird Box Challenge?’ Just Don’t, Officials Say.

A teenager has crashed while driving blindfolded after completing the Bird Box ‘challenge’.

The popular >Netflix

thriller, which sees >Sandra Bullock

and co-stars wear blindfolds to avoid looking at apparently omnipresent and ruthless ‘creatures’ in a bid to survive.

The 17-year-old, who crashed her car in Utah, reportedly pulled her hat over her eyes while driving in a stunt inspired by the film.

Following the release of Bird Box, social media was awash with related memes and the so-called Bird Box challenge was born.

‘Bird Box challenge’: US teen crashes car ‘while driving blindfolded’

After numerous videos of people completing stunts blindfolded were shared online, Netflix stepped in.

The subscription streaming service warned the public not to put themselves and others at risk by taking part in blindfolded stunts or dares.

Netflix said, “Can’t believe I have to say this, but: PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELVES WITH THIS BIRD BOX CHALLENGE.

“We don’t know how this started, and we appreciate the love, but Boy and Girl have just one wish for 2019 and it is that you not end up in the hospital due to memes,” on Twitter.

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