Deputies Cite DUI Suspect For Child Endangerment

Richmond police arrested a man for first-degree unlawful imprisonment and first-degree wanton endangerment after officers were called to Sylvia Drive, where it was reported a vehicle and apartment had possibly been broken into Tuesday night.

Michael Chase

Michael Chase

When officers arrived, they were unable to find anyone in the parking lot, according to a citation. However, a black vehicle then pulled up behind police and waved officers over.

Officers spoke with Michael Chase, 27, Lexington, who said he had a handgun in his passenger seat, the citation states. He appeared frantic and paranoid, and he said he thought his home and vehicle were broken into.

Chase also told police his phone, WiFi and Xbox had been hacked, the citation states. In addition, he said he was being followed.

At the same time, one officer was talking to another person in the vehicle, and that officer motioned for Chase to be detained, the citation states. After he was detained, the officer asked Chase if he had pointed his weapon at another person, which Chase admitted he had.

Officers then talked to the other person in the vehicle, who said Chase had waved them over to his vehicle and placed the handgun across his chest, pointed it at the victim, the citation states. Chase then told the victim to get in the vehicle while continuing to point the gun at them.

The victim obeyed, and they told police he didn't feel like it was safe to leave the vehicle, the citation states. The victim said Chase made statements of, "I'm not dangerous" and "I'm really sorry."

Chase also told the victim that he had been hacked, felt like he was being followed and felt like the victim was in danger, which is why Chase told the victim to get in the vehicle, according to the citation. The victim said as long as they were being nice to Chase, he wouldn't think of them as one of the people following him.

Chase was taken to the Madison County Detention Center, where he remained Wednesday afternoon, according to online jail records.

• • •

Madison County deputies arrested Nehemiah Kincaid, 24, Beattyville, early Wednesday morning for second-degree assault after they were called to assist Richmond police with a domestic dispute on Autumn Leaf Drive.

Nehemia Kincaid

Nehemia Kincaid

When deputies arrived, a person told them Kincaid had assaulted them, according to a citation. The victim said the event started because a child was sick, and the victim told Kincaid they wanted to see the child.

The victim said Kincaid told them no and pushed them onto a couch, put his knee onto their stomach and his hand around their neck, choking them, the citation states. The victim said Kincaid told them he was going to kill them. The victim kicked and scratched at Kincaid in an attempt to get him off of them.

Eventually, Kincaid let the victim up, grabbed the child and said he was taking the child, the citation states. The victim begged him to give the child to them, and he grabbed them by the hair and slung them to the floor.

The victim tried to get their phone to call for help, and Kincaid took the phone, telling the victim they're not calling anyone, according to the citation. The victim then screamed for help in hopes someone else would hear and call 911.

Police noticed the victim had a knot on their head from a closed-fist punch and red marks around their neck, according to the citation. Kincaid had a long scratch mark from the back of his neck to his ear and three scratches on his left chest.

Kincaid admitted to grabbing the victim around their neck and pushed the victim down, the citation states. He was taken to the MCDC, where he remained Wednesday afternoon, according to to online jail records.

• • •

Richmond police arrested Damien Le Bourhis (no image available), 23, Boone Way Richmond, Wednesday morning for two different instances, as officers needed to talk to him about a road rage incident from the previous day. One was for first-degree wanton endangerment and third-degree criminal mischief and the other for tampering with physical evidence and first-degree controlled substance possession after officers saw him driving in the area of Moberly Avenue and North Third Street.

Officers approached the vehicle on North Second Street at a business, and he was no longer in the driver seat, according to a citation. Charles Reece, 44, homeless, a passenger in the vehicle, told officers that Le Bourhis jumped out of the vehicle as soon as officers pulled in and started walking down Moberly Avenue.

Le Bourhis then returned to the parking lot and told officers he just went to speak with a friend at a nearby residence, even though the resident came out and said they didn't know Le Bourhis, the citation states.

Officers spoke with Reece again and noticed a glass methamphetamine pipe between his feet, the citation states. When officers turned back around, Le Bourhis was gone again, and Reece said he went around the corner of the store. Officers went to the business and found Le Bourhis by the register, and they asked him to step back outside to the vehicle.

When officers returned to the vehicle, the methamphetamine pipe had been moved, the citation states. Police searched the vehicle and found the pipe in between the driver seat and center console. Officers also found a baggie that contained suspected methamphetamine.

Police spoke with Reece, who said he was drunk and didn't touch the pipe. He said he didn't know who moved it, but it wasn't him, the citation states. He also said the methamphetamine wasn't his, but he didn't know who it belonged to.

Officers spoke to Le Bourhis, who said he didn't know about the items in the vehicle, the citation states. Police went inside the business to review video surveillance, which showed Reece reaching to the floor board and sitting back up when police returned to the vehicle. Additionally, the video shows Le Bourhis transferring something from his left hand to his right hand and dropping it when police instructed him to go back to the vehicle from inside the store.

When police searched that area inside, they found suspected methamphetamine, the citation states.

The citation for the road rage incident states that Le Bourhis was driving erratically in downtown Richmond Tuesday afternoon. Le Bourhis also pointed a firearm multiple times at another person while screaming and cussing at them.

Charles Reece

Charles Reece

It was reported Le Bourhis tried to run the victim off the roadway, the citation states. When police asked him about it at the business on North Second Street, he said there was an incident when he was screaming and yelling at another driver.

Both Le Bourhis and Reece were taken to the MCDC, where they remained Wednesday afternoon, according to online jail records. Reece is charged with tampering with physical evidence and first-degree controlled substance possession (methamphetamine).

• • •

Richmond police arrested Austin Blizzard, 23, Irvine, for first-degree controlled substance possession (drug unspecified), marijuana possession, buying/possessing drug paraphernalia, identity theft, failure of non-owner operator to maintain insurance and license to be in possession.

Austin Blizzard

Austin Blizzard

Officers noticed Blizzard driving a vehicle Wednesday morning in the area of Northgate Drive, and the registration needed proof of insurance verified, according to a citation. Police pulled over the vehicle, and Blizzard couldn't produce his license or proof of insurance, and he also gave officers his brother's identity.

Eventually, Blizzard gave officers an expired insurance card, the citation states. Police then searched the vehicle before it was towed, and Blizzard said there was a lockbox that was his, but later said it wasn't his.

Inside the box, officers found a glass pipe with residue, a 100-gram scale calibration weight, a scale with marijuana residue on it, rolling papers, a small amount of marijuana, a straw with residue, a metal filter, a silver capsule, empty baggies and bag with dried mushrooms (caps with gills and stems consistent with psilocybin), the citation states.

Blizzard said he had no knowledge of the items and said his girlfriend eats mushrooms, "and they probably taste like cow poop," the citation states.

Blizzard was taken to the MCDC, where he remained Wednesday afternoon, according to online jail records.

• • •

Richmond police arrested Ashley Fryer, 32, South Collins Street, Richmond, for first-degree controlled substance possession after officers noticed someone driving a vehicle in the area of Big Hill Avenue Tuesday afternoon and knew they had a suspended operator's license.

Ashley Fryer

Ashley Fryer

Officers pulled over the vehicle, and Fryer was in the passenger seat, according to a citation. Police asked to search the vehicle and to search the driver and Fryer, which they agreed to.

Officers didn't find anything when they first searched Fryer and then asked her if she had anything in her bra, the citation states. Fryer then shook her bra, causing loose items to fall, and a white piece of receipt paper fell to the ground.

Upon unfolding the paper, officers found a small amount of suspected heroin, the citation states. Fryer said it was a Walmart receipt she received from a friend and she was supposed to return merchandise for the friend with the receipt. However, the receipt was torn, and Fryer didn't have the merchandise with her.

Fryer was taken to the MCDC, where she remained Wednesday afternoon, according to online jail records.

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