De Tomaso Officially Reborn With New Car To Be Revealed At Goodwood

The historic Italian brand is set to make a return, thanks to the efforts of the people behind the Apollo Automobili, the Ideal Team Ventures (ITV).

ITV has actually bought the rights to De Tomaso since 2014 but the official revival of the historic marque is set to take place at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed on July 4, just in time for the company’s 60th anniversary.

The reveal will be accompanied by a new car as well, codenamed the Project P. De Tomaso didn’t reveal any details about it though, only saying that it will be co-developed with world-renowned technical partners and by the same core team behind Apollo.

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“Since the acquisition of De Tomaso we have been secretively working behind the scenes on a world-class revival strategy with the intention to go public with our efforts for the 60th anniversary. When the new car debuts this summer, not only will another special vehicle be added to the brand’s heritage, but the story will finally be told,” said Ryan Berris, De Tomaso General Manager and CMO.

According to older reports, ITV bought the rights to De Tomaso for around 1 million euros back in 2014. ITV also saved Gumpert, turning them into the Apollo Automobili, which offers the rather striking Intensa Emozione.

De Tomaso was originally founded in 1959 by Argentinian Alejandro De Tomaso. The company’s most famous car arguably was the Pantera, born out of their partnership with Ford. The De Tomaso Pantera combined Italian exotic looks with Ford’s 5.8-liter V8 initially, making 330hp and 344lb-ft of torque.


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