Customer Gives McDonald’s Employee Car When He Finds Out She Has No Way To Get To Work

SOUTH HUTCHINSON, Kansas  — A beautiful act of kindness from a customer to a McDonald’s employee is all caught on video.

According to Denise Panek, who posted the video on YouTube, a customer who comes through the drive-thru at the fast food restaurant in Kansas knew the employee’s car had died and she had no way to get to and from work.

So, he did something wonderful: He gave her a car! The man, Chris Ellis, said the car once belonged to his son, who was also there for the surprise. “We made a deal and we’re giving it to you,” he told the employee, Vicki.

Vicki almost couldn’t believe it. She told Chris, “God bless you.”

Chris told her she is a blessing to him and she makes him smile every time he comes to the restaurant.

Watch the video, above, for more.

Customer gives McDonald’s employee car when he finds out she has no way to get to work
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