Customer Gives McDonald’s Employee Car When He Finds Out She Has No Way To Get To Work

SOUTH HUTCHINSON, Kansas  — A beautiful act of kindness from a customer to a McDonald’s employee is all caught on video.

According to Denise Panek, who posted the video on YouTube, a customer who comes through the drive-thru at the fast food restaurant in Kansas knew the employee’s car had died and she had no way to get to and from work.

So, he did something wonderful: He gave her a car! The man, Chris Ellis, said the car once belonged to his son, who was also there for the surprise. “We made a deal and we’re giving it to you,” he told the employee, Vicki.

Vicki almost couldn’t believe it. She told Chris, “God bless you.”

Chris told her she is a blessing to him and she makes him smile every time he comes to the restaurant.

Watch the video, above, for more.

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