Cadillac To Evolve Into GM’s Tesla Fighting Brand, Develop New EVs: Report

General Motors' luxury brand Cadillac is beginning a full-on assault on brand identification in order to take back America's hearts as a status symbol for opulence. In order to keep up with emerging markets, the automaker surprised the world with a teaser for its first fully electric SUV on Sunday, slating release for 2022.

Cadillac's upcoming SUV is a look into the future direction of the automaker, in both offerings and design. Built on GM's newest modular BEV3 electrified platform (which it only announced on Friday), the concept will be Detroit's answer to Tesla's Model X and Jaguar's I-Pace, allowing Cadillac to lead the way into luxury electrification across the General's brands.

The platform itself will make use of modular battery packs and drive units, allowing a myriad of combinations to be placed atop a single-minded chassis. GM says that because of this, its offerings can be offered in a configurable front-, rear-, and all-wheel drive. Additionally, battery output can be easily adapted to suit a customer's needs, meaning that scaling for longer range or performance trims will be streamlined.

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