Best Hip Hop Late Night Performances Of The Past Decade

Although not her most popular single, “>Be Careful” may be one of the best examples of Cardi B's talent. This performance is for anyone who thinks Cardi can’t really be lyrical or can’t flow on an old-school beat. It’s also perhaps the best Cardi B song that translates into a live performance, with nothing more than a drummer, bassist, keyboard player and backing singer holding down the beat. This leaves plenty of room for Cardi to spit her truth about the men who have wronged her.

Despite popular consensus, Cardi B actually spoke out against the idea that this song is about Offset, though it was released around the time rumors of infidelity were surfacing. Still, the passion that Cardi delivers this performance with is second to none, with soul-bearing lines like “Between a rock and a hard place, the mud and the dirt / It's gon' hurt me to hate you, but lovin' you's worse.” The backing singer also kills it, harmonizing beautifully with Cardi for the song’s hook.

Unfortunately, this excellent performance became overshadowed by the camera panning down halfway through the song to reveal Cardi’s pregnancy to the public for the first time. However, as the top commenter on the YouTube video noted, “The fact that her child is practically pushing and squishing her diaphragm and lungs, and yet she is able to rap and spit fire has earned her a little bit more respect for me.”

Best Hip-Hop Late Night Performances Of The Past Decade
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