Atlanta Police Warn Against Celebratory Gunfire

A peach drop, popping champagne, maybe a kiss...all things acceptable on New Years. But police are warning that celebratory gunfire is a huge no-no.

CBS46 reporter Melissa Stern spoke to a local man who lost a loved one due to celebratory gunfire.

“Rasheedah and her family were in the front room looking at a movie on an iPad, and a young man and his cousin were out here playing with a gun, somehow, they shot the tree, and tree barks are hard, and the bullet ricocheted off the tree through the house, hit her in the back of the head as she watched the movie,” said Tommy Reese Jr., Rasheedah’s Great Uncle.

It’s hard to imagine. Sixteen-year-old Rasheedah Evans was sitting in her living room in College Park when it happened.

“The sad part about it was, the whole family was in the room,” added Reese.

It was July 4th, 2015.

“Well loved, honor student, had five scholarship offers, the thing about it is, had she been a kid who was not where she was supposed to be, or doing something wrong, it would make more sense, but because she wasn’t, it was a senseless act that destroyed two lives,” Reese said.

Reese, says justice hasn’t been served yet. They still don’t have closure, because no one is in prison for her death. But they’re still sharing her story to remind others that your actions have consequences.

“Be mindful of the things you do, because the things you do not only impact you, they impact others,” Reese added.

Police are also reminding everyone that celebratory gunfire is illegal, and ask that you find another way to show your excitement.

“There’s never been any good to come of that, we’ve seen very serious injuries, even death as a result of it, so we want everybody not to shoot their guns,” said Atlanta police.

“One, it’s careless, two it’s dangerous, in a populated area…when you shoot a gun in the air, a bullet has to come down somewhere, in an ideal world, it hits nothing, but in a densely populated area like this, it’s gotta hit something, and unfortunately it might be a person,” said Reese.

Reese asks that you use anything else, like firecrackers, to celebrate, risking a life is just not worth it.

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