At Least 3 Homes Destroyed By Fire In Polk City

POLK CITY, Fla. (FOX 13) - A Polk County firefighter just happened to be passing by a Polk City subdivision as flames ripped through three homes. A call to 911 had not even been made, but he trusted his experience and instinct kicked in.

Polk County Fire Rescue Battalion Chief Brian Golden called for backup and went into one of the three burning homes on Motorcoach Drive. Flames coming from the home in the center were the strongest.

Inside he found an elderly couple in the process of trying to get out. Fire officials say Golden helped them get out quickly and then moved on to the other homes.

One person escaped from the home on the right and the home on the left was vacant.

Despite the destruction, the focus now is on the lives saved.

 “He just happened… to be at the right place at the right time had his head on a swivel, was paying attention, noticed the signs, and got everything started quickly,” Polk County Fire Rescue’s Chris Jonckheer said.

Fire officials haven’t said what started the fire but the battalion chief who was first to arrive said he saw it coming from the roof.

Three homes were destroyed and a fourth has heat damage.


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