Arlington Man Loses Gun License Due To Blog About Tucson Shooting

In general, government employees are authoritarian, arrogant, over-reactive, bullying, shallow-thinking idiots, which includes most Democrats and some Republicans, including Bush. They overreact against the general public while they miss the people like Loughner they should actually target. You can see this in the way they pat themselves on the back for “serving” while forcing taxpayers to pay them double or more than what private business employees make and in the way they and their close cousins in the news media acted as if Giffords was vastly more important than all other victims combined. Deploying their power is their addictive high. Many have Golam’s addiction to “one ring to rule them all.” Retire them from government and they become better people again. In this particular case, he should have said what he was thinking with less inflammatory and sarcastic rhetoric about his disdain for Congress as a whole, perhaps for mostly-Democrats but Republicans too digging a 14+ trillion hole during a century of incompetence. It’s doubtful he was posting a death threat against Congressional members. I think government employees know that (or do they since they are shallow thinking) and are out to embarrass him. Deploy power to make an example out of him for everyone disgusted with US government. It looks like his follow-up statement was designed to point out left-wing nutcase Loughner targeted Giffords while everyone else was a random victim. It goes to show how crazy and detached Loughner is to shoot anyone, everyone. Like his friend said, he wasn’t shooting at individuals, he was shooting at the world because of the left-wing anarchist colostomy bag his mind had become. He may get his firearms back, perhaps with an expensive lawsuit, but only after thorough embarrassment and destruction of his business. That’s a very heavy price to pay for inflammatory, sarcastic rhetoric, especially to be lumped in with the likes of Loughner. Remember, the police didn’t even target Loughner like this despite knowing he was crazy. They are taking out their incompetence and deploying their get-tough crackdown on this guy – similar to sending national guard troops to airports with empty M-16s after they missed the real terrorists.

Arlington Man Loses Gun License Due To Blog About Tucson Shooting
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