5 Possible Reasons For Constant Thirst

Excessive thirst or dipsesis is a condition that causes extreme fluid loss while depleting the water from your body, thereby causing excessive thirst. You can lose large amounts of water from your body through excessive urination, diarrhoea, vomiting and sweating. If you have noticed that you have been feeling excessively thirsty off late, here are some of the most common ailments that might be causing these symptoms.

>Diabetes Mellitus

When your blood sugar levels are abnormal, as in the case of diabetes, your kidneys are unable to deal with the sugar overload. When this occurs, sugar enters into the urine while also removing an excessive amount of body water too. This causes the body to remain in a state of water depletion which causes excessive thirst in people suffering from the condition. Therefore, one of the main causes of excessive thirst would have to be an undiagnosed type 1 diabetes mellitus. A high number of children and adults have been diagnosed with this condition worldwide. You ay also like to read about Home remedies for diabetes mellitus.


There are a number of illnesses which can cause dehydration, a condition which leads to the depletion of water from the body. Some of the leading illnesses include food poisoning as well as other diarrheal illnesses, heat exhaustion, infections that cause fever and burns. When the water from your body starts to deplete, you may experience symptoms like dry mouth, fatigue and extreme thirst. Also, in the case of severe dehydration, nausea and vomiting will also take place causing fluid displacement. If one is not able to take in liquids through his or her mouth, intravenous fluids may be required. It should be noted that a severe case of dehydration can have life-threatening results. When a massive loss of total body water occurs, dehydration more often than not leads to death.  You may also like to read: 10 health risks of dehydration.


Is it possible for anxiety to cause excessive thirst? Well, it sure can. When you are anxious about something, it may lead to a dry mouth which may in fact feel like thirst. Anxiety can take away water from your mouth and send it to other areas in your body. It could also increase acids in your stomach which could then lead to saliva loss. If you are feeling anxious, it could make you feel sick too. (Read: 6 symptoms of anxiety you should know)

Excessive sweating

It may be obvious but excessive sweating especially in extreme hot and humid conditions can cause thirst. It should be interesting to note that miners in hot climates may be required to drink more than 10 litres of water a day during their work hours. Excessive drinking which causes excessive sweating, diarrhea or even vomiting is not necessarily associated with excessive urination, as is the case with other causes of polydipsia.


Digestion can also lead to a person experiencing excessive thirst. This is the case especially after a heavy meal during the day or night. Also, oily and spicy food can cause such a feeling. This occurs because our bodily fluids are used to digest the food, thereby depleting fluid from the body. This is the main reason why you would feel thirsty after a heavy meal. However, it is not good to drink water straight after a meal because it saturates the food in your system and stores it as fat. (Read: 9 home remedies for better digestion)

Remedies to help relieve excessive thirst:

Using Indian gooseberry and honey:

Take 3 tsp of Indian gooseberry powder and 2 tsp of honey and mix well. Take this mixture at least thrice a day.

Using fennel seed powder:

Take around 5tsps of fennel seed powder and add around 250 ml of water to it. Let it soak for close to an hour before straining the liquid and drinking it in small sips. This is effective when malaria causes thirst problems.

Using using black pepper powder:

Take 1 tsp of black pepper powder and add to it 4 cups of water which should be boiled. Mix well before allowing the mixture to cool. Drink a few sips whenever you feel thirsty.

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