14 Cars That Should Have Never Made A Comeback

When the first generation Ford Taurus debuted, it was a major step forward for the brand. Enthusiasts might not have been happy about the switch to front-wheel drive, but the styling was a significant improvement over the car it replaced – the LTD. Compared to the Ford LTD, the Taurus was more attractive, but it was also efficient and surprisingly competitive.

Unsurprisingly, it was also a huge success. Sadly, by the end of the Taurus' run, years of neglect meant it was no longer the stylish, well-built sedan that initially impressed buyers.

The car the Taurus name made its return on, though, was a disappointment. The Taurus also jumped up a class since the Fusion was already doing well in the mid-size segment. Ford improved the Taurus with a redesign, but it never managed to reclaim the sales success that Ford saw with the first three generations. Now, like the rest of Ford cars in North America, it's getting canned for good.

14 Cars That Should Have Never Made a Comeback
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