'I Don't Change My Approach To The Next Games': Chicago Fire's David Ousted Reflects On His Error And Moving On From It

“He's been very supportive. He's asked me to continue what I've been doing in the beginning here. Obviously, Friday, it was a mistake on my part that that costs us a point. But listen, that's part of the game, that’s part of the position and I don't change my approach to the next games. I'm going to go do what I need to do here, which is just be a leader and go forward and take control out there. Nothing's really changed for me. I felt bad for the guys who put it in a lot of work Friday more than I felt bad for myself because I know it's, like I said, it's part of the job description.”

'I don't change my approach to the next games': Chicago Fire's David Ousted reflects on his error and moving on from it
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