My Superpowers!

Nothing beats this feeling. My heart has never felt this full with love and affection. Everyday I find myself mesmerized with this little man in my life. His coos and smiles are precious! Even his cries are precious to me too! He uses those abilities to communicate to me... Oddly enough, through two months that we have been together, i've learned what those signals meant. The mother's instinct nga naman!

Hello Again

Many times have I attempted to open my laptop and write something for the blog but I retract everytime I think of silly things to write about. 2014 has unfolded a lot of wonders in my life. It's a whirlwind. It is too fast for me to capture all of those things in writing. Also, I have been in so much contemplation that I makes my head clouded with thoughts to ponder on. Hence, I opted to step back on this blog of mine.

But oh, have I missed this creative flow in me so so much.

I crave for it now.

Now, that I know I can take some time to write about some things about my life and other things I fascinated.

Back with a little vengeance

Yes, this blog shall rise from the dead once again...

Please watch my first official video that I made! :D Yeyyy...
It's a video capsule to remind me of the happiest 48hrs of my life as of yet.

La Vie En Rose

Last day of January and the first post of the month..

I have been contemplating on the subject: LIFE. It's a lot to take in. To understand what to do more with it is too much to think about. I have learned that now. Atleast, I got to think about what I really want to do... and all the little hobbies and things that I needed to get into.

1. I have been writing on a journal, a small tiny pink and black notebook. Writing mainly about what I consider significant for the day, and all the small things that made me smile and happy. Just to remind me that my life isn't that much of a crap after all.

2. Make-up! Ofcourse this site has been lacking on that department, but my life isn't lacking on it. In fact I have acquired (been gifted) with a lot of make-up stuff hence I am personally enjoying my old and new make-up to create a simple fresh look on a daily basis.

3.1 Action plan... that's what eating my mind when I don't watch any American series on my free time. I have actually started on the fitness department. (whoa... big statement!) Well, that's sort of true, I have started pushing myself to go into our condo gym and use the treadmill for 15 -30min and afterwards I take in rounds of walk to take in the cool fresh air at night. It's actually a good thing, it clears my mind! And I feel better after.

3.2 On the travel department though, not a lot of travels have been solidified yet... It sucks when I don't look forward to something. It's awful. Hopefully our small local travels will materialize though.

4. Can I just say that our kitty kat at our house in Balanga is looking ever so cute and cuddly!

Well that's about it for the month of January...

Oh and last thing, this La Vie En Rose rendition by 'The Mother' in HIMYM, made me amazed by her nice vocals! She did not make a good impression when she was first revealed in the show, but through her singing, she have won my heart to be Ted's wife!!! Listen!

The Year That Was and The Year That's Coming..


Reflecting. It's basically what I have been doing for the past couple of weeks... I have been slowly figuring things with what I want in my life. On how to give this precious life a worthy living. Like everyone else, I want to optimize every good thing that life can offer... I want to fit in all of my ideas/dreams/goals and whatnots.

Apparently, I find it difficult to actually think through this matter seriously. Somethings I know for sure... Somethings I can't fathom how I'd be able to do.

It's really puzzling me. Hopefully, the pieces will fall into place in time.

Well, the things that I do know for sure are my lessons learned this 2013, and the small resolutions that I want to live up for 2014. That I can share with you without a fuss.

1. Everything changes, so make happy thoughts now. Change is inevitable, that's a fact. I have learned and proved this to myself again this year. You just can't hold on to a lot of things these days, most specially you just can't hold onto some of your dearest people on earth. Physically, they just come, stay for a while, and go. Even if it hurts and even if it's hard. We just have to let them physically go... This is the reason why memories to me are precious, most specially the happy ones. Striving to have great memories with the people around me is a big thing for me. This intangible thought is the only thing that I can hold onto forever, for as long as my brain functions. It doesn't hurt to take photos, as pictures are a great tool to make memories tangible.

2. Planning fails, but plan still and try again. Over and over my big plans have doomed to failure. I can't control every minute things in all of my plans, some other factors are also needed to make it work. And  I may have had contributed some to make it fail as well...Yes it is upsetting at some point. But what do I do? Negatively speaking, plans are doomed to fail somehow... *sigh* But hey, I just thought at this moment that the other plans that I'm not truly planning on happening are working fantastically! Which I'm still greatly thankful for. So yes, I have not lost my faith in planning things in a loose manner. Plan and try again is still the way to go!

3. It's now or never, so just do it! I have the same freaking resolution as everyone does, to have a healthy lifestyle, to be fit. It's annoying how I also want to have the same resolution as to what every commercial and ads are pressing in on our society. I know for sure that this has gotten into my head because of the dozen, wait it's actually bajillion, social pressure that I have been seeing and getting in my environment. Though they can practically be correct on this one. Anyway, I have medium to zero tolerance on eating sweets and other delicious stuff... So yes, an exercise routine is now or never. Btw, the need to maintain my figure and enhancing it may come in handy in combatting bad stuff that comes with gluttony! Lol. Oh wait, this shall/may also be applied to hobbies that I want to try and enhance myself on. Just do it.

4. Happiness may not always make you feel happy, but do what makes you happy. When we set our goals and achieve it, we'll expect that it shall translate to feeling elated. This have happened to me... I thought achieving my goal is all there is just so to make me feel elated but naaahhh. It just felt okay or aptly to say, it just felt right. I have felt this feeling before, but I can't specifically know what it is that's wrong... Thankfully, there's Gretchen Rubin, I was only able to understand it better when I read 'The Happiness Project', she has elaborated her thoughts about this matter. So, you might wanna check out her book for that. It's a great read! Going back, I'll just do what makes me happy. I have to indulge myself in some of my desire from time to time. Doing this will be a great break from all the mundane things I do daily.

5. Travel/explore when you can. (This is in relation with #4 since this makes me happy!) For all the things that I have done in life, I have found myself the happiest when I am travelling and getting lost.

6. Love yourself, ad you'll thank yourself for it. This one is ofcourse, self-explanatory. :P


It's gonna be a fresh start for all of us in a few hours!

Have the greatest time.

Sunday Inspirations

Body Beautiful and Some Obsession

Never have I thought that I will be this giggly seeing Miranda Kerr's youtube videos with Net-A-Porter. I have only heard about her buzz when she was together with Adam Levine and then I found out her modelling for Victoria's Secret. Being one of VS Angel means you have a great looking bodeeehh! And that was just about it. Period...

Apparently, it is revolutionising once you have gotten to see her routine and some of her personal preferences. It's truly inspiring!!!!!! And makes me want to copy and replicate her ways. *Laughs*

It was like seeing someone whom I want to be like in the NEAR future. I am soooo jealous of her slim body and on how she's maintaining her figure! O-M-G... I'm not the type who gets envious easily with other girls' assets, but this is a totally different case. I reckon that I am more in awe about the process of going through drinking/eating healthy stuff incorporated with some exercises plus just living a better lifestyle more than the figure itself.

I have just finished reading Gretchen Rubin's 'The Happiness Project' and it has pushed me to polish my lifestyle and my well being to a different level in which would mean that I'd feel more happy about myself. :) And seeing Miranda Kerr's videos made me want to try what she's doing! I mean what harm is there to try out the superfoods that she's having?

I just needed to do this. :)

I have scouted a good supplier of superfoods --> The Healthy Grocery *check it out!*
I'll try ordering at some point next year as they aren't shipping any out because of the holidays.

Hurrrrreyyyy, I hope to kickstart my new year by adding in some new stuff here and there. Good luck to me!

And to those who are trying stuff like this, please share you experience with me.

On other note, I'm obsessed with Pentatonix' Daft Punk Cover and Ellie Goulding's Burn. I couldn't get enough of them... Whenever I wanted to feel more festive by myself, i'll listen to them. Atleast, even when I'm at work I can still feel a bit festive in my own way. :B Nyahahaha...

Girls' Christmas Sparty at Blanca De China Lifestyle Spa

Ho-Ho-Ho!!! Merry Christmas to you all!!!

In just a few hours we'll all be celebrating Christmas Eve with our families opening gifts and having dinner. Isn't just the loveliest thing on earth? Love and affection is just overflowing during this festive season! And it's also great to share and celebrate this feeling with none other than the girls of my life.. I'm so glad that we have managed to see each other on a yearly... wait, we are kind of trying to do it on a quarterly basis... or on an occassional basis. Well, what the heck, the point is we all still want to be in touch with each other! Period. This month of December is just the best month to splurge and celebrate this festive feeling with my girls while we all be so kikay and all.

My friend, Mea, have managed to book us a Sparty at Blanca De China Lifestyle Spa, located at San Juan. Oh-em-gee, i'm so proud that Mea have chosen a great venue for our Sparty. Sobrang clean and neat ng place. Plus you'll feel super duper girly while still maintaining to be sophisticated! I felt that way, because of what their ambience suggests. Ang saya lang talaga! Nakakahawa ang vibe. They also have those cute banderitas hanging on their ceiling, super festive lang! Plus, damang-dama talaga ang Christmas dahil sa Christmas tree nila na may mga cute items like ballerina, doves, etc. Isa pang bonus point, they have the nicest owner, Joanne Magboo. :)

All of us attendees are entitled for a service that is appropriate for the package that we took. I got the foot scrub plus massage.. I liked the scrubbing part kasi I feel like I'm not able to scrub my legs the way they do! Lol. Iba talaga kapag ibang tao ang gumagawa sayo nun... Mas ramdam. The package also came with some pika-pika foods like nachos, sandwiches, cookies, and hot and cold tea. Then, my friend also bought some cupcakes for all of us so ang saya lang talaga kahit mukhang simple lang ang mga food namin, ang saya parin ng feeling doing this kikay activity with my girlies!

If ever I set foot again in San Juan which only happens when I go to Greenhills, i'll to visit them, 'coz they are worth it! Their prices are all affordable plus, all in one na ang store, may mani/pedi/spa/massage/and facials na! They really have a wide range of services. :) So it's really worth it.


This Girls' Christmas party proved to be one of my most memorable event this year, first, because this is my first Sparty, ever; second, we have renewed our friendship ties that day; lastly, because I love these people and I always look forward and make an effort to be with them when I can. :D (Okay, that last one may not be true at all circumstances, but I always try!) These girls are very close to my heart, I love each and everyone of them, without them my college years will just be blah... They have made me feel that I belong in a group and that I always got their back anytime of the day. I spent most of my college years with these girlies and I thank God that I have crossed their path and made them my real friends. I'm also always touched that they still make their own way to contact me and invite me even though ang layo layo ng work ko with them! Ahaha... But yes, they have remained and proved to be so thoughtful and caring as always and I bet will always be for the rest of my life! Naks!!! Parang wedding vows lang... Hahahaha... Sorry for the corny-ness.

Alas, Merry Christmas all!!!

Hope you all have a great and priceless gift of being surround with family, relatives and friends.


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